Working The Ground

TuffHouse Rear View

As we mentioned in a previous blog post we have started working on our first TuffHouse project.
We have worked with our first customer on designing the TuffHouse to meet their needs and are very satisfied with the results. Our customer has chosen to go with the standard TuffHouse design. They don’t need many bedrooms and so we were able to convert bedrooms 2 & 3 upstairs into a living room with panoramic views of the south facing countryside. This means that we were able to have one large bedroom & bathroom downstairs for accessibility while also having a spacious living area upstairs.

The site that they selected is surrounded by rich green fields and has some wonderful views.

TuffHouse Turning The Sod
TuffHouse Turning The Sod

We started working on the foundations in January. Our standard foundations is a raft foundation which was suitable for this site. The raft foundation is insulated below concrete level.
TuffHouse Raft Foundation

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