The Service

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Timber Frame – Manufacture & Erect

The TuffHouse team provides a full end-to-end service from initial consultation/quotation to manufacturing & erecting your Timber Frame building.

Our standards & certifications guarantee a quality timber frame build.


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Removing all of the Hassle for You

We work with you from the early stages. We explain the TuffHouse Timber Frame concept and evaluate your site to ensure suitability.

We will engineer a timber frame package based on your designs. We will provide a full quotation.

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We Manufacture After Placing Your Order and Complete in Weeks

Once you place your order & receive full planning permission, the manufacturing process begins. Your house is manufactured in our factory using state of the art techniques and processes. The factory environment avoids any delays due to weather conditions or external factors. Our process ensures that your home is built to the highest standard using quality, sustainable materials.

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Passive Standard Foundations to build your TuffHouse on

While your house is being manufactured, our onsite team will start laying the foundations for your TuffHouse. We use a standard strip foundation using materials & techniques to meet the passive standard.

All sites are different & so prices may vary for each foundation.

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We Erect Onsite in Days

Once the manufacturing & Foundations are complete, the TuffHouse is transported to your site. Our team of craftsmen will erect your TuffHouse and ensure that it meets all building & passive standard regulations.

We can provide the following additional options:

  • Roof trusses/panels
  • Roof felting & battons
  • Air tightness membrane
  • Internal battons
  • Insulation **(Closed panel system)

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